Rohini Pathmanathan is a New Zealand registered clinical nutritionist who is passionate about merging her love for good food with the understanding that true wellness is rooted in a divine syzygy of mind, body and soul. Via a holistic and functional approach to health and wellbeing, Rohini is committed to helping her clients uncover the root cause of various imbalances in their life which may be manifesting as low mood, fatigue, weight-gain, skin disorders, digestive problems, and other types of disease.

Now based in sunny Malaysia, Rohini's nutrition practice centers around the treatment of acute and chronic health conditions using up-to-date and scientifically-validated treatment protocols. These interventions acknowledge the influence of food energetics, individual constitution and genetic factors that exist in symbiotic relationship with an individual's environment, social conditioning and personal attitudes to health and wellbeing. Using a range of mediums which include laboratory diagnosis, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and nutritional supplements, Rohini works closely with her clients to help manifest their desired health outcomes.

Because good health is so much more than just corporeal wellness, Apples and Unicorns marries physical health (the apple) with the innocence of spirit (the unicorn). A good diet represents only one half of the equation for balance. Faith and an unerring belief in your right to perfect health and wellness are other essential considerations that form cornerstones for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. So take a bite of the proverbial apple, embrace your inner unicorn, and commit to your very own body-mind-and-soul journey today.

Citrus fruits

Rohini is a registered member of the Clinical Nutrition Association of New Zealand

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